Monday, February 18, 2013

Con prep

This Saturday I am going to London Super Comic Con.  I'm rather excited as David Mack and Mahmud Asrar will be there.  Well, there's lots of other people too but I am most excited about those two.

Last year I went as Jay Garrick, this year I am going as a Blue Lantern.  Here is my costume, although I seem to have forgotten to include the ring in this arrangement, oops:
The belt may change, and I may wear a black top under the dress but that is basically it.  Later this week I will attach the patch to the dress.  I think I have worked out my makeup and hair.

I do of course have the Blue Lantern ring I got from the giveaway with Blackest Night a year or so ago.  But, sacre bleu!  There is a problem!  Can you spot it?
The problem is that the design on the blue ring is not the Hope symbol.  It's the Fear symbol.  Pox pox pox pox a thousand poxes.  And of course I just noticed this today.  Le sigh.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

I have worked out how to get round it - I am going to wear a bit of yellow in my costume.  Let's face it, hope is sometimes scary.  Oh but how I wish the ring was the correct one. DAMMIT!

If you're at LSCC please do come and say hello.  At last year's con I met Jennie who runs Fancy Dresscapades, and is going as Star Sapphire this year.  We have agreed that we should get a joint photo.  And if there are any other Lantern corps members there I am going to harass them for a photo.

I am going with a couple of friends and their daughter.  They will be dressed as Clark Kent, Echo and possibly Catwoman or Batgirl - the daughter hasn't decided yet.  I am really looking forward to next weekend. :)


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This looks like a whole lot of fun.

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