Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gym success

Today at the gym I did CX Worx - it's a half hour abdominal strength class.  If you do it properly it's quite hard.

Anyway, success!!  For the first time I felt like I was doing stomach crunches properly - my lower back stayed on the floor.  In the past it's been quite difficult to keep my lower back against the floor, which is a problem, because if your back rises it's your spine that's doing the lifting, not your stomach muscles, and that leads to back problems.  But today felt like I'd made progress.

I also managed to plank for a short while - admittedly I kept switching between a knee plank and full plank, but in the past I haven't managed a full plank for more than about 3 seconds, and that was 3 seconds of arms shaking and imminent collapse.  Part of the class includes saluting while you plank, then extending your arm out tot he side, and I managed this too, althought not properly as my hips were swivelling as I moved my arm out, to keep my balance.  But, I have never been able to even attempt this before. So, success!

Last success, I managed full side planks, a bit.  In the class, you side plank then twist to face the floor while bringing your forearm paralell to your stomach.  I managed this too, a  bit.  Although I lept losing my footing.  But still, as I have never been able to do these before, success!!  I am obviously getting stronger.

Go me.

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