Friday, February 01, 2013

Happy Imbolc!

Today marks the return of Spring and the end of Winter.  This is my absolute favourite festival as it marks the end of the really dark days and miserableness of Winter.  Today, it was getting light at 7am ish (it was certainly light at 7.30) and it should still be light at 5.

Today is the day of the Goddess Brigid, an Irish deity associated with wells and water.  Her animals are the swan and the snake.  The snake symbolises rebirth as it sheds it skin. The swan perhaps symbolises purity.  The period between now and Ostara (the Spring equinox) is a time to clean and refresh your house and your life.  Imbolc is a time of purification.  Brigid is a goddess of the hearth and is often depicted with 3 firey arrows - one for health, one for healing and one for inspiration.  She works at the forge and is a warrior.

I am celebrating by going out to dinner with my boyfriend tonight.  I shall (or he shall) try and make celeriac and celery soup tomorrow.  I shall buy some sheep's milk cheese and have it with biscuits.  I am going to the theatre tomorrow evening to see Twelfth Night and we are having friends over for lunch on Sunday.  I think Sunday will be the best time to light the candles.  I may try and make a Brigid's Cross this weekend.  I will definitely make some honey and lemon bicsuits.

Whether you are celebrating Imbolc or Grounghog Day, or just like the lengthening days, or are not bothered at all, I wish you all a good day and a great weekend. :)

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SallyP said...

I did not know this! Sounds like a great time to welcome the sun back.