Saturday, December 22, 2012

Very very late Thought Bubble comic reviews

These will probably be incoherent as I'm still feeling off colour.

The last review I did is here, and I just talked about two comics then.  I shoudl really have also have talked about The Last Tape In Hell by Sarah Gordon as she is also involved with The Peckham House for Invalids.

The Last Tape In Hell is a short glossy comic with few words but the most amazing colours.  Satan is hard at work, doing adminstrative hellish type things.  His old cassette player is spewing out the sounds of hell (Doom....Dooom...Dooom) until it suddenly packs up, chewing the tape up.  Younger readers probably won't have a clue what I'm talking about here.  Satan then goes off on a search for The Last Tape In Hell.  I can't tell you anymore because I'll spoil it.

It's only 14 pages long but it's glorious.  Gordon's art is stunning.  She's far more inventive than the majority of 'professional' artists I see in Marvel's and DC's products.  Because there is next to no dialogue the art has to tell the story and she uses  suchclever little framing devices, and colours, and mood lines that it's just perfect.

I am so glad I picked this up.  I was at Howard Hardiman's table picking up copies of the Peckham Invalids for a friend, and he pointed this out to me.  So it was a spur of the moment thing.  Definitely a good choice!

You can read more about this comic on her site and also buy it here.  She's on twitter @ratherlemony.
Also, she's done this piece here.  Isn't it great?

Next up, Black Out. I got this because I've been chatting to @elblondino on twitter, and he was one of my target folk to seek out and say hello to at the con.  Him and his fellow stand mate was all dressed up steampunk stylee, like the Clockwork Watch folk at the end of the row of tables, and it all looked very cool.  So elbondino did mention Black Out was rather adult.. so obvs I picked it up immediately.

It is filthy!  In a good way.  It collects 11 stories and they are all, with the exception of the demonologies, incredibly crude.  If you like Tank Girl, or Viz magazine, you'll probably like this.

Wages of Sin is about a dirty fucker living in a hovel who gets haunted by Death and the Devil.  Zingo's Lament is a one pager about a clown who eats kids, or not, and gets sent to hell.  Fat Jackie is another one pager, with a fat dude carving himself into a pumpkin (with the sort of set up and presentation I find hilarious but others make not get). What's inside a girl? is a tale of unrequtied teenage love, with misundertsanidng, booze, acid and cannibalism.  Then there' sex dolls and love in the afterlife ending in a  suicide.

You get the idea.  It's definitely not for kids.  I think it's bloody great though.  You can see a sample page here. You can buy it here, in digital and print formats.

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