Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas decorations

I made a giant paper snowflake!

And in lieu of a proper post I'm going to post instructions on how to make it.  Which is a double cheat because I put them on twitter y2 days ago.

Forgive me.

1) get a square of coloured paper. Fold in half to make a triangle. Fold it in half again (still keeping it in a triangle shape.
2) Now you have 3 sides. One is open and is the edges of the paper (side1). One is fully folded over with no open edges (side 2)and the last one has two folded edges (side 3).
3) On side 3 cut 3 lines into the triangle.  These lines should be parallel to side 1. The cuts need to go nearly all the way up to side 2.  The cuts should be roughly equidistant from each other and one will be long and one will be short.
4) Now open up your paper.  You will see it now has flaps.
5) Take the 2 most central flaps of paper bend them together and fasten with cellotape or glue to make  tube (see the centre of each petal of the snowflake above)
5) Take the next most central flaps and fold them the OTHER way and fasten the tips together (like with the first one). Repeat for the next two flaps, remembering to alternate the direction you fold the flaps together.
6) Do this with 6 squares of paper. When each one is folded you will see the snowflake petals each have 2 tips.  Take two petals and fasten the tips to each other with glue or sellotape.  Tthis will become the central part of your snowflake.

7) Repeat with all 4 other petals.
8) Once all done, hold your snowflake up by one outside tip. You will see the snowflake shape.
9) Then you need to attach each part of the flake to it's neighbour. You can see in the picture where I've done it. We used staples. It's a bit fiddly, but prolly easier then cellotape. Then admire!

It sounds complicated but it's not. These instructions might make more sense while you're making the snowflake. Let me know if they work.  And merry Christmas!


SallyP said...

That is really rather gorgeous.

Saranga said...

thank you!