Friday, December 28, 2012

Justice League reviews

Soooo... I got Justice League 14 and 15 from Comixology, for the Captain Marvel backups.

I find myself, actually enjoying Justice League again... particularly the Throne of Atlantis crossover.  Amazing.  I think I just like comic art that takes place underwater.

What I do not like is Superman condescending to Di.  In issue 13 she says (about Barbara Minerva):
'How could I have put my trust in someone like her? How could I not see what she really was?"

Superman then answers her.  Really.  Any fool can see that Diana's questions are spoken musings. They are rhetorical, they are Diana voicing her concerns and worries aloud.  They are not genuine questions for someone to answer.

Then in issue 15 Supes gives her some glasses and starts lecturing her on the benefits of a mask.

Patronising fool.

The old Diana wouldn't have put up with this.

The old Superman would have far too much intelligence and common sense to even consider it.

Men do this a lot to women I think.  I think it's telling that a fella wrote this, because he probably does the same thing in real life.  Whereas women have this done to them, a lot.  It's frustrating.

Perhaps I shall put this down to youth and inexperience.  Perhaps I shall pretend they are all only 19, or a very self centred 21.

I miss maturity in my heroes.  I Di, Arthur, Bruce, Ollie, Hal etc to be in their 30s.  At least.  Age brings a different perspective on events, and a mix of ages makes for a far more interesting story.

On the other hand, the Captain Marvel back up was marvellous.  Even if I miss the old innocent Shazam family.  This is a changed story but it remains good.

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SallyP said...

The whole Superman/Wonder Woman pairing just makes my teeth itch. It just feels...weird.