Thursday, December 27, 2012

I started a tumblr

Mostly because I want an easy quick way to reblog images that I like.

I have come to a decision about how I will use each of my blogs (and twitter).

This blog (Pai) is for informal comics review, essays, ramblings, whinges, celebrations and anything that needs more than three sentences of words.

New readers...start here! shall continue as a formal comics blog for people new to comics.  And I am going to update it more often too.  Honest.

My tumblr, Pai tumbls, is located at  That will be used for reblogging photos, most likely to be of Supergirl and a Wonder Woman, but quiite possibly will cover other heroes too.  I really wanted to do a fuck yeah Supergirl tumblr but don't want to give myself another project, and anyway, there already is one (

Twitter (@sarangacomics)  is for general chit chat and finding out news.

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