Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sugar Glider Stories and mini comics from Thought Bubble

More from my Thought Bubble haul.

Sugar Glider!  I gabbled on about this series over on New readers... earlier this year.  So I was stoked when I found out both creators were at Thought Bubble.  They were on different desks so after my initial foray to one desk and guessing the wrong person (sorry Gary), it was fine, and I came away with Sugar Glider 1 and 2 and another Sugar Glider Stories book.  Then I went to the other desk and badgered Daniel for a while.

These comics are brilliant.  They stand out for a number of reasons - not many indies do superheros (at least not that I've seen), it's set in Newcastle, it has a very Newcastle/UK voice, there's no Americans, and it's good.  Very very good. This is something I'd pass onto people wanting to read or know about comics.  And I'd pass it on over and above any DC or Marvel stuff.
Buy the Sugar Glider issues here.

I'll do a more comprehensive review over on New readers.

I also found myself in possession of  3 mini comics, and I don't know where from.  This is them:
If you know where they came from, or if they are yours, please tell me!  They are my first experiences with mini comics and I think I liked them.

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