Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kelly Sue De Connick gets accosted and persuaded to write the mash up of all mash ups

(Intro - Kelly Sue DeConnick is at Heroes Con and a small girl child named Winter comes up to her table).

"Next, Winter declared that she and I should make a book together. That I would write and she would draw and it would be about NINJAS. And also zombies. And cheerleaders.
I asked Winter to make me a list of 10 things she wants to draw.  I got this reply:

The main story idea from Winter is that of a Ninja Princess and her
Cheerleader Friends joining forces with vampire ninjas to fight zombie
ninjas from invading her kingdom.

The princess also has a superhero friend named Rock, a female rock
star with pink and blonde hair who uses guitars, drum kits, flutes,
clarinets and an amp in battle.

Her other favorite things to draw include:
Kittens especially ninja kittens
Good & Evil witches
 I will endeavor to work in Winter’s 10 favorite things to draw, and thus, 1 panel at a time, we will put together our Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar mini-comic, which we will then run off punkzine style and sell at Heroes, with all proceeds going to Winter’s college fund."

Is this brilliant or a disaster waiting to happen?

But wait! It's a participatory project! (egads)

Over the next 10 months Kelly Sue will tweet a panel description with the hashtag #winterstale.  The you get to draw it and tweet the picture.  The entires will be reposted on WintersTales.tumblr.com.
As Kelly Sue says, "If all goes well, you can make your own Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar minicomics which you may sell for your own college funds or swap with us and others for free"


Still. Could be fun.

if you like Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar (possibly with added kittens).

(Kelly Sue's twitter account https://twitter.com/kellysue/)

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SallyP said...

I hate to admit it...but this does sound intriguing. And adorable!