Monday, August 06, 2012

Chris Brown music review

I approve.

It's not that I think people should never be allowed to move on from their crimes, it's not that I think people's artistics products can only be consumed if you like them as people as well, it's that he did a truly awful thing when he beat Rhianna, and most of the music industry seems to be ignoring it.  When women are routinely abused by their partners, and blamed for it, I think the music industry should be doing something.  So whenever I see a review like this, I am pleased that someone is saying domestic violence is wrong.  Don't give money to someone who beat up his girlfriend - he's a disgusting human being.

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Notintheface said...

It also doesn't help that he was remorseful for what seemed like 4 nanoseconds, and then if anyone brought it up later, he got indignant and said "Why you bringing up past shit?", as if it should be water under the bridge just because HE says so. Maybe if he'd actually shown signs of learning and growing from it, or recognizing the scope of what he did, it would be a different story, but he's shown no real signs of either.

He's kind of overrated as a singer anyway, as he seems overly dependent on Autotune.