Sunday, August 26, 2012

Body balance

Does anyone know where I can find a listing of the movements for Body Balance #57?  It's a gym class, mix of pilates and yoga. I've found the tracklist but not the moves and I can't remember all the things in the release.

I'll explain why... I am a member of a local gym and have been going to the balance classes, but I've just had to freeze my membership because my boyfriend got knocked off his bike last week and is in hospital with a broken pelvis and broken collarbone.  Thankfully, that's all that's wrong with him - no internal injuries and no head injuries.  But because of this, I'm spending all my spare time at the hospital, and when he comes out i'll be spending my mornings and evenings looking after him till he's properly mobile again (he'll be on crutches for several weeks). So no time for the gym.  So I want to do the Balance routine at home so I don't seize up.  But with my crap memory, combined with all the stress, I can't remember what movements go where.

edit: of course, fuck knows when i'm gonna get the time to do this, what with going back to work on tuesday and spending evenings at the hospital, then finding time to eat as well.

edit 2: why does our local hospital have such piss poor lighting?   it's got those horrible glaring bulbs.  i'm stressed enough with the boyfriend being stuck in there, let alone getting headeaches induced by bad lighting.  I just want him home. :(


Feminist Avatar said...

i can't help you on the body balance, although I imagine you could find yourself a yoga or pilates routine on youtube and do that for a few weeks to keep you limber until you get back?

But, I just thought I'd wish you well as this must be a horrible stressful time. I hope your boyfriend gets better soon!

Saranga said...

Oh my gosh I hadn't thought of looking for other pilates routines... I am such a dunce..

Thanks for the tip and the well wishes.