Friday, August 17, 2012

Batman Friday!

So I wore a Bat belt buckle to work a few months back, and it was a Friday, so I decided every Friday is Batman Friday.

Since then I've been encouraging people to tell me their favourite Batman, Bat family, or Bat mammal related anecdotes and stories.

It makes Friday much more fun!  A few weeks ago I tweeted a link to an RSPB blog post comparing Batman and Spider-man (including nifty action figures).

Got any?

Here's some twitter folks came up with:

@AlexanderLyons - Steph slaps The Douche Knight in the faaaace...

- My Dad loves Batman. He used to tell me Batman stories instead of Fairy Tales.

‏@KorvarTheFox - I think my favourite Batman story is him versus the Hyperclan in Justice League. Even if that led to bad BatGod stories. #batmanfriday

Not sure who gave me this one, but it's a real life Batman -

@cwena - I saw Batman Live, and I saw Batman's boot guard fall off. It was inspiring how he carried on fighting crime

My personal contribution is that when I'm at body combat gym classes, I secretly pretend I'm a bat ninja.  Or I used to at least.  Now I normally concentrate on not falling over.

Then there's stories too:
Superhero economics: Bat vs Spider.
Batman princess

So come one, tell me your Batman Friday stories.  If you tweet it use the #batmanfriday hashtag so I can find it :)

Have a great day everybody :)

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