Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone.  Today is the shortest day of the year, for which I am very glad.  I loathe the cold.  I know the temperature is likely to worsen before Spring, but at least the days start getting longer.  I am a summer person.  I am sure these dark days contribute to my state of lethargy during winter time, they certainly contribute to my difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

I am not feeling very mentally prepared for today.  Usually, for each holiday, I contemplate it and, well not exactly meditate, but take time out from everything to give myself some headspace and, without trying to sound really wanky, centre myself.  This year, I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks, and so damn tired (due to courses, and work, and family visiting and everything), that I have had bugger all energy to do much but read or occasionaly internet.
So, to celebrate the mid point of winter, I am planning to make this recipe, a vegetable stew with herby dumplings.  It looks warming, substantial and seasonal.  Pretty much what I need at this time of year.  I also get to leave work at 3pm today, hurrah!  So from now, until the 3rd of January I get to rest, eat, drink, see friends, read and forget about courses and work and other tedious things like that.

Happy Solstice everyone!


SallyP said...

Mmmmmm...dumplings. Happy Solstice!

Feminist Avatar said...

We had our summer solstice here last night, so we celebrated with wine and nibbles in weather that was still 30 degrees at 10pm.

Hope you enjoy your stew!

Saranga said...

the dumplings were delicious!
no i'm bingeing on christmas food.

hope you're both having a good time! (FA - I presume you aren't in Scotland ;)