Friday, December 30, 2011

At last! A real blog!

So, I has been slack recently.  If by recently you mean several months.   I finally find myself re-energised (a break from work and studying, plus sleeping, boozing and eating tends to do that).  Now, while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, I shall regale you with my thoughts about the latest comic books.  Behold, my not so mighty ramblings....
Spoilers ahead.

Oh how I want to call him Aquaham.  And I'm an Aquaman fan.  I blame Spider-Pig. ANYHOO.  This book started brilliantly.  The things from the trench were terrifying.  Then they got less terrifying and the book now seems to be about Geoff Johns Showing Us How Much Of A Badass Aquaman Is.  Now, I really like Aquaman, I always knew he was a badass, but I'm now a bit tired of this being shoved down my throat every issue.  Now this arc has finished, I'm hoping we can get back to more adventuring and less Badass Proving.  And I hope the dog dies soon.
The splash pages of the trench were pretty awe inspiring though.

This is the surprise hit of the relaunch.  I was prepared to hate it.  I kinda love it.  The art is a bit, well, 90s (angular and swivel waisted and pointy pointy pointy), but the story and the writing is wonderful.  And I even like the exaggerated art.  So there.  New fella, Miguel, wins points for not being a complete raving stereotype too.
This issue was the only one that made me laugh out loud this week. I would like to tell Tim that borrowing a t-shirt because your costume is ripped is not remotely comparable to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. 'stealing' teenagers.  Bart requesting Tim take the shirt off him fuels my slashy mind  Bart then modifying one of Tim's costumes and excusing it by saying 'oh please, it was in the back of your closet' is, well, great.
5 out 5 shiny stars to this series.  Long may it reign (and reign in fun too!  Teen Titans should eb fun, not angst ridden).

The SAVAGE Hawkman
He's savage, he's dangerous, he's got shiny, pretty, shifting, liquid artwork.  Very pulpy.  He hasn't got an engaging story. Sigh.  Another one I wanted to love, but don't yet.  We'll see, I'll hold on for another 4 issues then make my mind up.

I could easily drop this.  I feel nothing for this incarnation of the Kryptonian.  But, I'll hold on for a bit, cos I want to like it.

Now, for the rest of the comics I've been getting but which weren't out this week.

Superman is a cocky lil bugger in this.  I like it.  It's much better than the regular Superman title.  Nerdy Clarkie is lovely.

You should all be reading this.  It's brilliant.  Easily one of the best of the relaunch, in a very un superhero way.  It's very reminiscent of the Vertigo run of Animal Man.  It's mature.  It's probing.  It's a thinker.  As opposed to Justice league which is a brawler.

For the first three issue this was my favourite of the new titles.  Then number 4 seemed to be a little bit too obvious, seemed to be too trendy, too knowing.  Or I could have been drunk when I read it.  Either way, it reminds me of Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin, which is just darned amazing, in a terrible way.  Justice League is macho, brazen, cocky, full of testosterone (even the ladeez are full of testosterone).  It's the equivalent of 1980s cock rock or 1980s action flicks - Die Hard, Predator, Demolition Man, Total Recall.  In short, exactly the sort of shit I love.

Pretty much as expected.  The relaunch hadn't changed dear old Kate's history, and J H Williams is still on art.  So, yeah, as expected.  Good.  Oh, except for the lack of Renee, who I now fear is dead. :(

Another surprise hit.  I was dubious about the premise, but it's been carried out with style.  And Rose Wilson.  Rose Wilson (done well) makes everything better.  Fact.  The art is ..round? Soft on the edges?  Hard where it matters?  Slightly cartoony.  Great, anyway.

BIRDS OF PREY rule the roost, yah?
Let's see, Dinah is made of awesome, Katana is delightfully bonkers, Starling has class and Poison Ivy is, Ivy.  Yah.  This is fun, and solid, and lots of other tasty things.  Consider buying it!

As much as I'm grumpy about the need for another relaunch of Kara, I have to admit this is rather good.  Mahmud Asrar's artwork is lovely, and makes even the stupid elements of the suit work.  The story is well handled, it's nothing like the solicit and is definitely one of the better books of the new 52.  Everyone should be buying it (and I say that as a fair judgement, not just as a Supergirl fan).

This is amazeballs.  The reimagining of the Gods is inspired, the artwork is (ignoring a few eschergirl problems) gorgeous and the story so far, works. Mostly.  I'm going to ignore the terrible idea that is Zeus as Di's father.  I mean really.  The made of clay origin is magical and mythical and full of amazingness and Zeus as Di's father is boring.  Beyond boring.  I also dislike Hippolyta being blonde.  I know originally she was blonde, but I don't like it.  So bite me.
Ignoring those big problems, the rest of this book is fab.  Fab fab fab fab.

I'm getting this electronically.  This here is Judd Winick being good, not Judd Winick being crap.  When he's good he's very very good.  When he's bad he sucks.  This is good.  Buy it.

The series I dropped were Hawk and Dove (got 2 issues, got bored), Green Arrow (my favourite character, made rubbish, beardless and boring, boo), Batgirl and Fury of Firestorm (neither were working for me, although I can see they are good).

Other than DC I'm also getting Ultimate Comics Spider-man and Dollhouse. Both are mah-ha-vellous.

I think I may be back in the bloggy spirit. Oooo.

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SallyP said...

I have to admit, that some of these new books have been pretty spectacular. I agree with Green Arrow however...that just isn't the Ollie that I love/hate.