Monday, December 05, 2011

Things I like about Christmas:
Christmas Trees.
Fairy Lights
Sparkles and spangles
Mince pies
Making someone happy by giving them an unexpected yet good gift
Yorkshire puddings
Christmas pudding

Knowing I am loved as evidenced by the stupid amount of gifts I get
The time off work
The fact that everything closes down for one day (It should happen more often)
Delicious food

The days getting longer
My awesome quilted advent calandar, made by my mother:
Seriously, isn't it cool?
The bunting made by my mother (sadly I don't have a picture of it, but each piece has a different fairy on it and one is doing rude things with a mushroom)

Things I don't like about Christmas:
The stress and pressure of gift giving and receiving
The stress of trying to fit in seeing all family and friends (this never works out as well as I want)
The business of the streets and the shops
The anxiousness of trying to get Christmas dinner ready
The feeling of being not good enough or worthy of familial affection
Other people
Crap Christmas Music
Do they know it's Christmas/Feed the world.  Whatever the bloody thing is called.

At the moment the good things are outweighing the bad things, which is a turn up for the books.

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