Saturday, June 11, 2011

Now caught up on my blogroll

Well, I skimmed quit e bit of them.  Do you think there's anything I should look at?   The comics blogosphere is dominated by the DC reboot (relaunch?), of course, but if y'all have seen any other articles or posts you reckon I'd like please link them in the comments!

It's been tough being offline for 2 weeks :/


MOCK! said...

I, too, missed a WHOLE chunk of on-line time. Just got my Google Reader down to 70 unread items!!!!

MOCK! said... congrats to us both!

Saranga said...

I had over 1000 posts to read... I just cleared lots of them and scanned the rest!

Eyz said...

Yep... so much crazyness... reboots...gaah... *biased*