Monday, June 27, 2011

I should probably talk about the Green Lantern movie

I really enjoyed it.  As a superhero flick it's a bit by-the-numbers, but as a Green Lantern fan and Hal Jordan hater I loved it.  Ryan Reynolds did a suprisingly great job as Hal and Carol Ferris was also surprisingly effective.  She could have done with a bit more strength to her voice, but nevermind.

I thought I'd hate the movie, but I enjoyed every second of it.  The rubbish CGI looks far better on the big screen so I quickly got over my hatre dof the suit/ring/lantern.  The Guardians and Oa looked fab, and Kilowog said poozer and ring slinging!  Hal made a couple of giant green fists!  And was none too bright.  And was an ass.  Yeah, I liked it.  If you like superhero movies, go see it.

I missed the scene in the credits though. :(   I must youtube it.

If any non comic fans have seen it, I'd be interested in your views.


Anonymous said...

Saw the movie! See my Tumblr for some spoilers.

Basically in the middle of the credits, Sinestro takes off his GL ring and puts the yellow one on ( and his costume and eyes change colors to reflect that). The rest of the credits continue after that. -ealperin

Lord Runolfr said...

And as Nena and I agreed, this movie was made of tasty, tasty cheese.

I actually think the scene in the end credits gave away too much. I think just have the yellow ring sitting in its case would have been a better tease (although, as others have noted, with a name like "Sinestro", you know where things are going).

SallyP said...

Oh heck, it was loud, fun and violent. What more could you ask for? And Ryan Reynolds makes for a very very pretty Hal. He's also a bit of a jerk, but hey, so is Hal, so it all works out.

It is pretty obvious, from the abruptness of some scenes, that a good deal of good stuff was cut, but still...a good movie.