Saturday, June 11, 2011

Killing Hawkwoman

So, seeing as the whole DCU is gonna be rebooted after Flashpoint, what the fuck was the point in killing Hawkwoman off at the end of Brightest Day?    I mean, Flashpoint has changed the world already so the new universe doesn't have to tie in with the old, at all, so why not let Sheira survive Brightest Day?

After reading this interview I am keeping a more open mind about Babs becoming Batgirl again.  But given the choice, I would prefer her to remain as Oracle, as a wheelchair user.

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Eyz said...

But Oracle was such a positive type of character in a world dominated by bug muscled blond powered men... (= US Comics)

As good as it might end up, as fun as Gail Simone script might be..I'm still regretting this whole choice...

Plus nothing else from the DCU seems to actually be rebooted i nfact! Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle will pick up where is back-up in Booster Gold left off, Batman current status quo (Inc., Damian, etc..) will continue, so will Green Lantern's on-going series... Nobody was actually brought back from the dead (I still miss The Elongated Man, Ralph & Sue Dibny)... Nightwing will pick up after his time as Batman..
Apart from this controversial move on Batgirl..
This whole thing only seems to be an excuse for Jim Lee, co-editor in chief, to redesign everyone and get a huge coverage from the medias.

And I've started seeing this rumour Babs might still be in a wheelchair, using a techno-suit or something to play Batgirl again... (??)