Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm back!

My holiday was wonderful.  Lots of walks, lots of hills, mostly good weather, terrible cooking by myself and a few bottle of wine/pints of beer. Lots of reading and several card games.  Marvellous!  We have some particulalry great pictures which I will probably post just as soon as the boyfriend emails me.  Kendal int he Lake District and Settle in the Yorkshire Dales are amazing places.

Anyway I've bene offline for pretty much the whole 2 weeks (blessed areas with no phone signal!) and what do I find when I come back?  Well, DC is rebooting the whole universe back to issue number ones.  Sigh.  We've only just got Diana's renumbering to 600!

Comic Book Resources has some info on the new titles, including that digital copes of the books will be available on the same day.  Cool.  Now if only I could get a cost in British currency..

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang get Wonder Woman  - a while back we thought Azzarello was getting Supergirl, so the rumours looked to be based in some fact then..
We get an Aqua title, hurrah!
Bernard Chang does art on the first DCU present issue.. I may get that just for him..
Duane Swierczynski gets BoP.  Who's Duane Swierczynski?
The Catwoman title sounds dire... "Meet Catwoman. She’s addicted to the night. Addicted to shiny objects. Addicted to Batman. Most of all, Catwoman is addicted to danger. She can’t help herself, and the truth is – she doesn’t want to. She’s good at being bad, and very bad at being good."
Written by Judd Winick, art by Guillem March..

Gail Simone on Batgirl?  Is that Barbara Gordon in the cowl?  Babs is walking again?    Noooooo.  Is this why proxy was brought in?  To ensure DC still has a wheelchair user as a superhero?  Arg, Babs is so much better as Oracle, not Batgirl.  Bah.  Still, we don't know exactly what she'll be like.  But, I hope they don;t de-age her.  I like adult Babs dammit.

Swamp Thing I do not care about, the Animal Man cover looks nice, but it won't probably be as good as Morrison's run, dark Justice League, ugh.

I do not like the sound of the Teen Titans book (what are they doing to Wonder Girl?).

Sterling Gates gets Hawk and Dove!!!  And Rob Leifeld draws.  Oh. Crap.  Now I'm in a quandary.  Hells, I love Hawk & Dove, I love Sterling,  But Rob Leifeld?  Ick!  I've banned any Leifeld drawn books from being reviewed on New readers... cos he's so damn awful.

Then there' smy other beef:
Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Art by Mahmud Asrar
Cover by Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman and none of his affection for the people of Earth. Writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson (Smallville, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) will team up with artist Mahmud Asrar to give a new take on the teenager from Krypton in SUPERGIRL #1. 

This sounds terrible. she doesn't need a new take godsdammit.  She's doing just fine right now thank you very much. *scowls*
EDIT: Supergirl Comic Box Commentary has a lot of discussion going on about this series.  I redact my view - the book may not be terrible, the blurb is very general and could mean anything.  I shall wait and see.  The costume though..ugh..  Here is a nice redesign which is a lot better.  Funny how changing the boots makes it so much nicer..

I notice there's no Gotham City Sirens and no Red Robin.  Boo.  

What do you all reckon to the news?


SallyP said...

I have to admit that some of the new book sound quite appealing. And some of them sound absolutely horrid.

Eyz said...

You missed quite a lot of crazy things going on at DC recently, right?

So far, my opinion's still mixed on this whole reboot/relaunch/revamp thing..