Saturday, July 24, 2010

30 Days of Buffy!! Days 16 and 17

Day 16: Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates
I have no idea what episode everyone else hates.  Unless you count Season 7.

Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most
The most huh?  I can relate to Buffy's misery, Anya's awkwardness and straightforwardness, Dawn's cutting, Giles love of jaffa cakes, the potentials who realise their influx of power and think it's awesome, Tara's shyness, Faith's flirting and desire to get loaded and have a good time and Spike's couldn't give a fuck attitude.

I don't see myself in any one character.

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notintheface said...

Day#17: When all is said and done, I think I've gotta go with Xander.