Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remarkable comic sites situated on this here internets

I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible but it may be that my 'Blogs I Follow' list contains more links.

If you're not happy with the description attached to your blog please leave me a comment and I'll change it.

Firstly, New readers...start here!  My other blog, recommending comics for people who don't read comics.  Check it out.

General comic action

A Less Than Reputable Source - UK based, write about comics and other stuff.  The other contributor to New readers.
Action Figure Blues - devoted to the collection and review of Action Figures
Adventures of Comic Book Girl - nevermore999 loves Stephanie Brown (The Spoiler) and also runs When Fangirls Attack.
Ami Angelwings Heavenly Comic Reviews - A feminist viewpoint of comics.
Comics All Too Real - satires and piss takes and mixed media stuff.
Comics Fairplay - Especially notable for the is this gratuitous feature. Encourages discussion.
Fantastic Fangirls - does what it says!
Get Off my Spaceship - Run by one of the contributors to When Fangirls attack!!!
Heroine in Training
Heroic Hips 
Hoosier Journal of Inanity - Fun site, check out the My Pal Itty strip.
Like Scratches in the Sand - did the brilliant If Men Were Objectifed Too post. Does absolutely perfect fan fiction.
Maverick - Comics and other stuff
Nerdosity - Friday Night Fights
Okazu - Yuri manga blog
Pretty Fizzy Paradise Written by one of the founders of When Fangirls Attack.
Retconning My Brain - female, queer blogger, writes intelligently. Likes Bart and Kara.
Seeking Avalon Excellent for race issues
Shelly's Comic Book Shelf Mostly reviews.
Sindeloke Comics, politics, her name should have little accent things above the o and last e, but I don't know how to do them.
So says the Nerd Queen Lady comic fan, blogging about it.
Stars and Garters Features One Panel of Pain posts
What WERE they thinking? Posts odd scans from old comics. Rather entertaining.
The Inevitable Mediocre Spin Off Lady comic blogger, Supergirl fan, does really cool wallpapers
This is why I hate you - Is rather fond of monkeys
Title Undetermined Manned by Diamondrock, Doctorr Polaris and Azrael.
When Fangirls Attack!!! Feminist link blog site for posts discussing about women in comics (American, Manga, comic strips, alternative, anything). Excellent resource.

Character specific action
Adventures of the Girl of Steel
Kara Lives

Maid of Might
Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

The Flash
Crimson Lightning
Bart MasterList (listing all Bart Allen appearances outside of his regular series)

Green Arrow
Dispatches from the Arrowcave
WingedLion's Quiver Also covers Smallville
Being Carter Hall
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Butt's Forever

Wonder Woman
Amazon Princess

Building Batman
Batman Tattoos

The Aquaman Shrine

Fan creations
Burn the Fat off Your Soul
- Beautiful Ice and Bat family art
Comics All Too Real _ Sort of a cross media project with comics as the focus
DC Elseworlds webseries - video creations of DC characters
Gotham Public Works - The best cosplay for Gotham characters I've seen. these guys make amazing costumes.
Larsworld - Customised action figures
Random Happenstance - Does action figure based comics strips.
Welcome to Wayne Manor Home of the Black Cat, creator of the best Bat family comic strip ever.

Menage a Three - Some may call me a bad feminist for reading this, but I think it's great.
DAR - A super girly top secret comic diary. About life, sadness, relationships, sexuality. If you like Alison Bechdels' Fun Home you'll like this.
- Ninjas being jerks. the first one is the best.
The K Chronicles Not so much a webcomic as his stuff is published in newspapers, but very good nonetheless.

Employed comic professional type folks
Cliff Chiang
DC Universe: the Source
Landry Walker
Neil Gaiman
Jamal Igle
Todd Klein
Amber Benson (yes, that would be her who played Tara in Buffy)
Ink Destroyed My Brush - Charles Yoakum, who created my blog banner, and has supplied art work for a variety of books, including Batman.
Lee Garbett
Matt Camp
Joshua Middleton
Landry Walker
Manu Mane


Bookwormwithanattitude said...

Yay, I'm on there! And so's Maddy! These are excellent, I love these sites.

Saranga said...

Of course you're on there! How could I not link to a fellow Steph fan??