Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just finished reading Doris Egan's Gates of Ivory trilogy. It was very very good with a couple of laugh out loud bits. The heroine is Theodora and she's written as a real three dimensional person. From a gender perspective, I can't really explain what's right about this book, only explain what isn't wrong - there's no stereotypes, there's no lazy cliches, there's no rape threats, there's no traditional gender plotlines or scenarios, it's just real.

From a non gender perspective it's just a rollicking good story. Her (very bad) website is here, where I also found out she wrote 2 Smallville episodes - Hourglass and Hug, from season 1. No wonder I liked the book!


Sea-of-Green said...

Hmmm! I may have to check that out! The trilogy DOES appear to be available in the States, thank goodness. :-) Sometimes you guys have books that aren't easily available here without paying hefty overseas shipping fees.

Saranga said...

I assumed she was an American writer - she refers to the bum as fanny. This causes me much childish amusement as fanny over here refers tot he female groinal area.