Monday, May 25, 2009

Red haired heroines from the 70s - names please

I'm trying to think of red haired comic heroines from the 70s. I've got as far as Jean Grey, Barbara Gordon and Cat Grant. And I could be wrong about Cat. I need names for a 70s themed party I'm going to on Saturday.

Help me out folks, leave suggestions in the comments. Thanks!


wiec? said...

Mary Jane Watson. Mystique was around in the 1970's right? didn't Marvel put out a Red Sonya Comic in the 70's too?

have a good time!

Saranga said...

Doh. Can't believe I forgot MJ!

MOCK! said...

Was Patry Walker a redhead?

MOCK! said...

What about the Black Widow?

notintheface said...

You can put on a lab coat and go as my favorite 70's comics redhead, Dr. Jenette Klyburn.

Or you could be Medusa, but you'd need some BIG extensions.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, Mystique made her debut in the early 80's and Cat Grant's a blonde.

Saranga said...

notintheface: Yeah you're right cat Grant is blonde. Ooops.

Thanks for the help everybody! Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be going to this party anymore, I got my dates mixed up and have a friend visiting from far away that night. Doh.

Anonymous said...

Red Sonja was created by Roy Thomas for the Conan comics in the 1970s and she got her own series shortly after.

Also, Marvel's jungle heroine Shanna The She Devil (who IS a redhead - something half the X-Men colorists seem to either forget or they confuse her with Sheena the Jungle Queen) was created for her own solo title in the 1970s.