Sunday, May 10, 2009

2 weeks worth of comics

Today was a toss up between a Buffy post or a review of all the comics I picked up on Friday. I've settled for the comics review.

As it was a bank holiday on Monday my shop only got the books in on Friday, I had forgotten about this and was somewhat surprised by the busyness. In all the confusion I forgot to pick up Flash Rebirth number 2. No matter, I shall collect that next week. they also hadn't got Mercury Falling in, but that is now on order for me. As is my Wondy figure. Fingers crossed they'll still be able to get it in.

I'm not impressed by the changes to the DC website. The search facility looks awful and the homepage with the tags is annoying. On the plus side you can now download Vertigo's first issues for free. I recommend the Books of Magic.

Onto the reviews. Spoilers ahead for:
FC Legion of 3 Worlds /4 - Buffy /25 - Power Girl /1 - Superman /687 - Superman World of New Krypton /3 - Teen Titans /70 - Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade /6- Superman/Batman /59.
FC Legion of 3 Worlds /4
Again, a very densely packed issue. And I picked up the wrong cover, doh- I prefer the character covers but got the other one instead. So, this featured quite a lot of Bart which you'd think would make me happy, but as I don't like the art this sullied the experience. This artist may draw the other Legionnaires well, but that's a crappy Bart. Jenni catching up with Bart was good though, as was Supes reaction to Bart and Kon. And Kon-El, ahh Kon, he's back! That was a delightful 2 page spread when he socked Superboy Prime one. And his return story, yeah, that worked well you know?
Now, although this was a pretty dense issue I managed to follow it, despite reading with a hangover. What I would like to know is the advised Final Crisis reading order, because although I'm following this story fine, I'm rather lost as to what fits in where. Anyone got any ideas?

Supergirl Cosmic Adventures in the 8th grade /6
The final one. Boooo. Pretty much just as frenetic as issue number 5 - I think these last two issues may have benefited from being dragged out to 3 issues instead, but that's not a big beef. The introduction page was very welcome as I am crap at remembering Lena's and Superior Girl's names. Supes consternation regarding Comet was very amusing, Karas' reactions to both Belinda Zee and Lena's (apparent) demise(s) was lovely, and further demonstrates that this mini shows a damn sight more character depth and development than a lot of media aimed at adults.

I was on the fence about Mxy's involvement in everything, but I think I'll get over that - I'm not too keen on Mxy being an evil megalomaniac, I prefer him as a fun prankster. But then again, that doesn't mean it's a bad ending, it just means I'm demanding some fan entitlement.
The 2D scenes were fabulous, as were the panels of Kara's hand emerging. I have since learned that this is referencing the creation of the DC Universe.

Kitty Streaky wins the cute award this issue: Mew! Hiss! Rrowl! I'd love some Streaky icons, but I don't know how to make them.

I will definitely be buying the trade of this for my friend's kids, once they actually start having them. (Drax, if you're reading, you better have a smart kid cos I don't want to have to wait 3 or 4 years to be able to give them this!)

Superman /687
World without Superman issue. Still good and lovely art. We get to see more of Mon-El and how he's developing on earth, both in terms of powers and relationships with the Guardian. Zatara also appears and continues to be a knob, but I'm getting to quite appreciate him now! It's nice to see snotty good guys every so often.

Superman/Batman /59
Conclusion to the microverse story arc. On first reading I was disgusted by Batman's attitude, his arrogance and superiority. On second reading I came up with a different interpretation. The way he and Kal act together, even when they're not speaking to each other, it comes across more like ribbing between 2 best friends who have known each along time and are dead comfortable with each other. Which is what Bruce and Clark are really.
Sample dialogue:
Bruce: 'I shrank myself down to save him. He'll thank me later.'
'A savior on a wire swoops in to save me. So this is what it feels like.'
Superman: 'No I'm fine.. but..Batman..Your armour looks ridiculous'
For the record, Bruce's armour = great. Not ridiculous,
Bruce might be grouchy and mean and really miss the dark alleyways, but all in all, he's pissed off because he's got a hard job to do, and saving his friend's ass probably wasn't on the top ten list of things to do today.

One beef - Bruce claimed that you can always rely on Clark to use brute strength in any given situation. This looked particularly odd when read next to Superman World of New Krypton /3. To be fair I may not have noticed the discrepancy had I not had 2 weeks of reading in one go. Read the next review for more.

Back to Supes/Bats, the art in this issue was really fluid and graceful - I can almost see the movement between panels. It's really well put together and made this a joy to read. If only all comic art flowed like this. A great finale to an enjoyable arc.

Superman World of New Krypton /3
Great cover. Doesn't Kal look Christopher Reeve in that? Admittedly the drunk stubbly Christopher Reeve from Superman 3 (?), but Reeve nonetheless.
Loved this issue. Kal solves a problem with non violent means. (Take that Superman/Batman!). He voluntarily gets rid of his powers for 30 minutes so he can talk the Labour Guild out of holding Alura hostage and so prevent a massacre. Hesucceeds, of course, and Kara prevents an assassination, Kal compliments her on this and she just glows.

One of Zod's sidekicks take issue with Kal and wants to give him a beating, but Kal again demonstates that he thinks with his head, not his muscles and easily beats the guy. It's nice to see Supes be able to kick loose a bit in this run, to not always have to be be the good guy and to be able to be a bit sneaky.

And then the GLs show up. Hal and John and I believe that's Guy. Hurrah!

A few notes on New Kryptonian fashions - Kara's cape and neckline mysteriously moves throughout pages 2 and 4. And back again on page 5. Alura's outfit is very striking. If I get my arse in gear and go to another fancy dress party I want to make her outfit. It's lovely. Anyone else notice how Alura's white cuffs mach Kara's gold ones? And that grey and black uniform really suits Kal.

Power Girl /1
I got the wrong cover. Doh. I'm glad we're seeing part of her home life and also how she deals with blokes ogling her boobs. Nice orb joke too. It's good that the citizens around her like Power Girl and she doesn't have to win their trust.

I can't help but think that the Ultra Humanite is a bit dumb. If Karen lets Manhattan drop, he's won, if she lets him into her body, he's still won and will continue to wreak havok just in a super strong body. Not really a good idea. She's hardly gonna say yes to the body swap is she?

Teen Titans /70
I haven't been buying the other parts of this story but that didn't turn out to be too disruptive. I'm a bit confused why Donna has decided to have two tiny strips of material covering her ample bosoms. Maybe her flying power extends to boob squashing?

Rose is back :D Eddie is so excited he faints. Cute!

Buffy /25
Well, the cover art is technically very good but why is Willow snogging the Thricewise? That sure as hell aint Dawn. And that cover is a really gross image.
Dawn is now human again. :( I liked her as a centaur. Good overall issue though. Dawn and Buffy (again) work through their relationship, it's nice to see as I'm in season 7 at the moment and Dawn has done so much maturing since season 5.
I am going to do an overview on Buffy season 6 and 7, hopefully this week.


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

It should come as no surprise at all that I'm loving the Legion of Three Worlds storylines. Still, I wondered how non-Legion fans were dealing with the plot. If you say you've been enjoying it, I'm quite pleased. I know it's dense. I wonder what others think of it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you stare at the Buffy artwork long enough, it is actually Dawn :)