Thursday, May 07, 2009

I might have lied...

I might not be around too much over the next week as I have a job interview on Monday which will require a lot of work, as I've been asked to do a presentation *terrified* Public speaking is not my forte... On the other hand I managed to successfully sign in public on Tuesday. My sign choir did a half hour performance at the deaf awareness festival in the city on Tuesday, with people watching, and filming it, and I coped reasonably with that.

So, moving away from my impending terror, I do get to pick up two weeks worth of comics tomorrow, including the new Mercury Falling trade (yay Bart), Power Girl number 1, Supergirl and Comet, Flash rebirth (yay Bart!), FC Legion of 3 Worlds (more Bart!), amongst many others. And I should be able put in an order for the Wondy vinyl figure. *beams*

And I got a new CD in the post a few days ago - Ensiferum: Victory Songs -

Viking Metal. Sounds exactly like you'd expect. Which is awesome. Ok, so the lyrics are a bit lame, but the music is wonderful. I think I've got a Tyr CD coming soon as well. I think I prefer it when they are singing in a Scandinavian language and I just hear the sounds of the vocals.

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ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

For your presentation, just pretend you're typing in your blog and they're your readers. They will be hooked ;)