Monday, March 09, 2009

Things I has bought has come round again

A little late, as it was last month. I'm rubbish at not buying items, I keep forgetting about my vow to myself and just buying whatever. I'm a little hungover and feeling rough from the weekend away so bear with me here please.

I did actually receive the Buffy seasons 1 - 7 box set, about 4 weeks after I'd paid for it mind, but I did get it. Hurrah. The lady selling it on ebay had received it as an unwanted Christmas gift. Once received I promptly gave all my videos to a friend. I can justify this purchase by arguing about the higher quality of the picture when it's on DVD, and because now I have freed up so much shelf space.

A book from a charity shop called Linger Awhile (the book, not the shop), by Russell Hoban. Not as good as I'd expected but entertaining, in a way.

I went to London for a day out, bought food/beer/teas etc as well as gifty things from the V and A museum for the boyfriend and one other friend who couldn't make it to the exhibit on. the exhibition was displaying Russian imperial court clothes from a 200 year period. There was a little telescope and it was gorgeous.

Lots of comics - new and second hand!

Socks and tights. I'm not sure who the socks were for, but tights have been cropping up fairly regularly due to my instant destruction of any that I may wear. I view these as a vital product and so don't feel bad buying them.

31 pounds on 4 books...from a chain store... I went in looking to get one specific book on offer and came out with 4!:
Cities in Flight - James Blish (From the first 3 stories, it looks like there is no place for women in his future, at least not in the running of the cities, and I suspect the few women characters that are included are mostly there to provide romantic tension)
The Forever war - Joe Haldeman (Much better than Blish, but some very dubious sexual relations and I cannot quite make up my mind if he is anti homosexuality or anti 70s era bigotry re homosexuality. Other than that, the book is utterly gripping, but the underlying gender/sexuality currents are leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I have about 50 pages left to go)
Dream Songs, A RRetrospective Book 2 - George R R Martin (Haven't started reading yet)
Powers - Ursula Le Guin (Third in a series. I've read book 1, but not 2. Rats. I spy another purchase)

March's list of purchases are gonna look really decadent and needless. :/

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