Sunday, March 01, 2009

Comic Reviews, GL quiz, Scans Daily, and the BBF

This week was a light week for comics, I only got 2, Teen Titans 68 and Superman 685. Onto the reviews:

(Spoilers ahead)
. Teen Titans 68
My first read through of this occurred whilst drunk so my memories were hazy, but I had a distinct feeling of pleasure. On a second sober read through I confirmed that it's a pretty good issue. the focus was all on Eddie, now back to being human, with Kid Eternity at his side. we learn more about Eddie's contract with Neron, specifically that it is unsigned and so void,a dn that all neron did was unlock Eddie's own metagene.

This then begs the questions of why Eddie was temtped by a second devil, Blaze. If the power is within him it would make more sense for him to go to STAR labs and get tested to find out a way to activate the metagene again, rather than get powers back via a soul selling contract.

I was rather dissapointed with Eddie's civilian clothes. Baggy skater shorts and an oversize vest makes him look like a right pillock. And that baseball cap, ugh. Get him back to demon form asap, please.

It's good to see Bombshell is joining the team. They've really been through hell over the last year or so haven't they? I really liked the panels showing 3 different incarnations of the Teen Titans, and the reference and lead in to the Dark Side Club is way overdue. Hopefully that will get sorted next issue.

The future peeks look interesting. I see Ravager still has a beef with Cassie. It appears that Cassie and Jaime are gonna have a moment - I wonder how long it will be before the internet or her mates start accusing her of sleeping round the team? We see Eddie as a dessicated corpse - my guess is this is showing him leaving his human body behind to become a full fledged devil.
And we see Bart's costume!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Superman 685
Fabulous cover:

Mon El is saved. Ace. I've been looking forward to reading more about him, and now he's gonna be looking after Metropolis is Supes' absence. He's also drawn pretty engagingly. I like his new identity of Jonathan Kent, but am wondering how many cousins Clark is going to claim. Kara, Connor and now Jonathan? Won't people start to wonder why they haven't heard of any of these before? And how did they explain away Christopher Kent? Was that a 'foster' arrangement?

My only complaint about this issue is how Lois reacted to Clark saying he was going to New Krypton. I know he has a job to do, I know she knows it, but I cannot believe that someone so deeply in love with another would let him go so easily.

Onto other stories.
Scans Daily has been taken down. Bastards. So a bunch of users have moved to Insane Journal. I say pshaw to copyright infringement. Sites such as SD promote comics and I do not believe lead to the creators or the companies losing out on cash.

For the GL fans out there, a quiz: What Lantern Corps are you? I'm a Green Lantern :D Surprisingly enough, that news pleases me.

I found this interesting article about Hollywood and the Black Best Friend role in moves. I don't think it's progressive, I think it's typecasting, but typecasting of a race not of an individual. Rubbish.

Quick edit: Have a gander at this post about Fan delusion. I'm loving the Fandelusion Pony! (And I get to feel slightly smug because I get the joke, oh the benefits of being a horsey youngster)

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