Sunday, March 01, 2009

How did no one tell me?!

They brought Bart back?! In Legion of 3 worlds? Is this honest to goodness true?

I'm hanging out in the wrong places, clearly! Internet, you fail me.

Of course now I'm super happy :D Great way to end a great weekend.

(Am I far too involved in my comics?)


DarKye said...

This is indeed both true and awesome.

Unfortunately, there's still a month to go before we get the next issue, but the mini looks great so far!

Maverick said...

Yeah, Geoff Johns brought him back running in a Kid Flash costume.

This is a great decision on the part of DC. If there can be be an army of GLs, I see no problem in having several speedsters.

Saranga said...

I found out via facebook, facebook I tell you!

Right, i'm off to buy the mini this lunchtime.

And he's back as kid flash? that's far better than sombre adult bart.
Which I would have been happy with, if given no choice, but young Bart is sooo much more fun.