Monday, March 23, 2009

Scenes that make you go brrr

So a while ago I was bleating on about uploading some scans. I finally managed to get the content of a pdf into a jpg - it turns out to be a surprisingly simple matter of cutting and pasting into paint. So I bring you what I conisder to be the best scene out of the Final Crisis books. Yes, possibly better than Bart coming back. Because I prefer the artist on this one. So, to put it in context, I first present the preceding page, from Final Crisis: Revelations.
(click to enlarge)

It is in itself fairly nifty. But it pales when compared ot the next page. Here is the scene which still gives me chills when I look at it:

Oh my. BAD ASS POWER WALK! That page is a thing of beauty. I hereby declare Renee the coolest most bad ass person in the DC Universe.

For my next pictures I present something a bit more cuddly and cheeky. They are two pages form the Terra mini, art by Amanda Connor, and feature Power Girl and Terra getting all slashy:

Cute, very cute. And very slashy.


terrylegend42 said...

hey thanks for being my first follower! :) Just one question, how did you find me? I'm new to the blog world and I'm not quite sure how to get people to see mt page :P

Oh and I read some of your other posts on feminism in comics too. I like your page. Very interesting thoughts and ideas on feminism :)

Sea_of_Green said...

Renee is going to be FABULOUS as the Question. Just fabulous. :-)