Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whack a Lantern week!

Saw this idea over at Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER! A blog I have enjoyed for a long time but only recently bookmarked. Does what it says on the tin really. Here is my contribution, from Green Arrow #20 (1989:

Ollie's all mopey and emo because he shot an arrow in a kid he thought was carrying a real gun. It turned out to be a paint gun, but Hal is such a good mate of Ollie's he took him into the mountains and allowed Ollie to beat the crap outta him so Ollie'd feel better. :D
Coudlnt; decide which one to put up so you got all 3. I particularly liekt he throw down on the 3rd page!


SallyP said...

For some reason, Hal ALWAYS lets Ollie beat the crap out of him. Kind of odd, really. And Ollie doesn't usually go around pummelling OTHER superheroes...just Hal.

Don't forget the safe word, Hal!

notintheface said...

This is my favorite Ollie-Hal throwdown. The only thing that would have made your post better is if you had also included a scan of the panel from that same issue where Hal yells at Ollie "What makes you so goddamned special?"

Saranga said...

qhh, forgot about that. tell you what, when I get a minute I'll put that one up just for you!

Lord Runolfr said...

Third page, third panel: that's gotta hurt!