Thursday, September 11, 2008

meh and stuff

I'm currently reading Green Arrow, Mike Grell's run starting in 1986. the comis is labelled suggested for mature readers, and is more 'real' and gritty (not in Frank Miller ASBAR way) thana lot of other stuff around, now and at the time. There's no aliens fr'instance.
What struck me - apart from t he quality and maturity and depth of the comic - is the intelligence of the letters published and the debate that's occuring in these pages (titled Sherwood Forum). people are discussing the storylines, - such as gay bashing, drugs, the mafia, the morality of sex before marriage, what having kids does to a relationship, the abuse and torture of Dinah and Ollie, animal rights, environmental issues - as well as the depths of Ollie's and Dinah's relationship. Nearly every letter discussing these issues is well thought out andreasoned arguments are given, from both sides of the debate. People are inviting readers they disagree with to conduct the discussion 'offline' by providing their real address. This is the first time I've across this. I'm enjoying reading the letters page just as much as the comic itself, and that's a first I can tell you!

The stories themselves are intelligent and meaningful and the art isn't sexist or offensive, the nudity isn't gratitutious. Overall it's really rather good. Unfortunately I am having trouble locking into stories, but that's cos I'm generally dazed at the mo. Not sure why, but I'm feeling all over the place in the evenings lately. I blame work!

Comics to buy tomorrow include:
Batman Confidential
Booster Gold
Final Crisis Revelations
Green Arrow/Black Canary
Old copies of the Question/Green Arrow annual I spotted in a bric a brac shop on Tuesday :)

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