Thursday, September 04, 2008

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For about 2 months now I've been getting out of my mind excited about a gig I'm going to on 20th September. The band in question is The Wildhearts and I've been a fan of theirs for about, ooh, must be getting on for 14 years now. They are proper rock, sweet melodies, hard drinking, hard sounds, hard living awesome. Proper Geordie* rockers.

This particular gig is the 15 year anniversary of the earth vs the Wildhearts album, and they are going to play every track on the album plus the b-sides to all the singles. Every one of which is a cracker. Now I've seen them many times before, so I know I'm in for a treat, as they have never disappointed.

Their singer is a 6 foot plus ginger bloke with dreadlocks, at least he used to have dreads. I've met him once and it's the only time I've ever got proper fannish. I giggled like a 12 yr old and couldn't say anything, (well not after I'd got him to sign my boob anyway ;) ). I didn't even do that when I met the other band that got me through my teenage, utterly depressed years (teh Manic Street Preachers since you ask). That could be cos the manics suck now, but the Wildhearts are getting even better.

The other awesome thing about this is that I'm going with old school friends I haven't seen for at least 5 years, some I haven't seen for 8 years. I can't wait! :)

If you like metal, puck or rock I really really urge to check out their stuff.** 'Someone that won't let me go' is a current favourite. And they are still working their arses off and producing records and touring constantly. I wish more bands has a work ethic like that. These guys will be touring till they're dead.

*For the non Brits of you, Geordies are people who live in Newcastle, it's a northern city in England.
** Their best stuff isn't linked on that site. Earth vs the Wildhearts and PHUQ are fan favourites and heavier than the songs linked on their site.

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