Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring is in the air...

doody doody doody dooo....

This weekend I saw my first bees and my first ladybirds of the year!!! The snowdrops in the garden are coming out, I have been reliably informed that the other plants poking their way through are crocuses and the daffidils have shot up over 4 days. Hooray for the sun and light! I have come to loathe winter. It has seemed to go on for so long this year.

In other news, I watched the entire season 7 of Buffy in about 3 days. Yesterday I spent my annual leave in the house with the curtain drawn watching the the second half of the season. I feel it was time well spent. Then when I went to bed I had dreams about the Buffy Universe - I believe Spike was invovled. Hell, Spike's always involved in my Buffy dreams. Mmmmmm, Spike *drool*
I can't help it I'm like a 14 year old in the throes of her first celebrity crush. He is lush. Evil vampire Willow is also rather hot.

I enjoyed my birthday in a non stress free environment, mostly. Went for a long walk round the University Broad, got very happy about the birds and yet more signs of the onset of Spring. Thank you Demeter. Watch more Buffy in the evening and then Serenity. Joss Whedon is wonderful.

Monday, went into town and the boyfriend bought me presents. Yay. Went to the Fat Cat in the evening and got a bit drunk on various fine beers.

Have started reading the Robin Hobb book, it is full of enjoyment. Although why do most fantasy books revolve around men? Why can't someone right a fantasy book with a lead woman? Doing the same things the man does. Bring on the equality. Please.

Am currently listenign to The New Pornographers, they are soothing my soul. Pity about the ugly name.

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