Sunday, March 12, 2006

Angry angry angry

The government want to decrease rail terms for rapists. Strictly speaking it's the Sentencing Guidelines Council. Why is this? Apparently the prison regime is now more demanding. They want to set out grounds where 'mitigating circumstances' will be taken into account. So if you have had sex with the woman before then it's ok to rape her later. They also want those convicted of domestic violence to 'escape jail terms'. Because going on a course will help them. Of course! Why didn't we think of that before? Systmatically beating your wife/girlfriend partner for months or years doesn't deserve punishment, just send them on a course telling them to be nicer and they shall change their ways.

Morons. How are you going to protect the women? How are you going to encourage rape and domestic violence victims to come forth and bring a conviction? Rape and violence are serious crimes, the issue needs to be highlighted across the country and respect for women should be taught from the first day of school. It is never acceptable and it's not ok.

I am quite frankly disgusted. I suspect I'm too angry to write coherently so shall just provide a link to the article:,,1729136,00.html

They put the arguments across far better than I. And while I am aware that the media spin stories how they wish and we can't get the truth unless we read the report ourselves, I don't think the guardian are far off. Bet ya a dollar this council is full of men.

On a related note, why does this esteemed publication write jail instead of gaol?

In local news, the mental health charity rethink has put up aa statue of Churchill in a straitjacket to highlight that even the great and the good suffer from mental health problems, and it shouldn't be stigmatised. Unsurprisingly that paragon of wisdom Anne Widdecombe has a few words to say on that matter. 'It's very offensive' being the general train of thought if I recall correctly. I don't think the critics are quite getting the message, that statue is not criticising Churchill, merely showing him as he was at some points in his life. You can be ill and lead a country you know. Us depressed people are not freaks. Anyway, full story here:

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