Thursday, March 16, 2006


I don't know how I do it. I really don't. Whilst getting changed in the toilets today - not so weird as it sounds, it was at work and I need to change my trews so I can bike home - I managed to scrape my knee on the toilet roll dispenser. How??? It's not as if I'm gangly, I'm 5 foot 3. Enough for the 6 foot 2 boyfriend to call me stumpy. (It's an endearment, really). I am short stuff.

Example number 2: Instead of bypassing the boyfriend on the stairs in a graceful, elgant manner I managed to twat his knee/leg. Ho do I manage?

Example number 3: I have been riding my bike since last August. That's 7 and half months of near daily bike riding. I constantly have scrapes and bruises on my ankles and shins from where I knock myself on the pedals.

Maybe it's a leg thing?

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