Friday, March 24, 2006

Bras bras bras

It's hard being female. At least, it's hard getting bras that fit. I have pranced around for about 5 months in one with the cup size far too small becasue I couldn't face another attempt at getting fitted I bought some from Bravissimo. The new ones cup size were too small. I tried the next size. The next size up was too big. I sent them all back in a strop. I went into Jarrolds last week. I was fitted by a lovely lady and it appeared to be a success - cups possibly a hlaf size too big but the next size down would be too small. What's a girl to do?
Within a week I have had to fasten thte bra up to the tightest bit on the back and tonight the boyfriend mentioend I might be going south a bit. Thanks boyfriend. Queue much hoisting up of the straps. Yes I KNOW you are not meant to do that but if someone can get me a bra where it is a success all round I'll be happy. Stupid boobs. It would help if they were the same size of course. grrr.

In other news, I got back today from my training course in London. Happily I have passed the first half of the course, we shall have to wait and see about the second half. I am not sure how much hope I hold out.
I met with a couple of uni friends, ate out every night, ate terrible lunch every day, have put on about 5 lbs due to the lack of exercise and too much food, (I know I know I don't help myself), decided that maybe London isn't so horrible and got thoroughly fed up with obnoxious people on the tube and in restuarants.
Hello stomach, thought I would be seeing the back of you but no such joy.
Also - obtained lots of free clothes from said friends and a black furry jacket from the same. Now I can be furry with everything!
Have made resolution to go out on bike ride lots over next week.
Have decided cannot face eating out on Sunday, so god knows what sort of a birthday this will be.

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