Monday, February 10, 2014

Radio Bamf podcasts

I haven't done a plug for radion Bamf recently, so thought I should do one now.  I'm one of the hosts (I believe that's the right term!) and it's a weekly podcast about comics.  We cover the news and what we've read, occasionally do trivia and take questions.  Give us a listen, go on!

Details of the last few shows as follows (I think I have the topics right):
Episode 38: Happy New Year -  In this we covered what we got over the holidays, the something terrible kickstarter, forever evil, larfleeze and chew.

Episode 39: I rave about Sterling Gates' Vibe and Blue is the Warmest Colour.  We all discuss Sex Criminals (IIRC we talk mainly about porn in the woods and the letters pages).  News covered is Alan Moore and Peter Parker's return.

Episode 40:  This is a full house, with all 4 hosts there! I think I talked about Forever Evil: Rogues and Dan Slott's She-Hulk.  I may have talked Supergirl and I think we all discussed Hawkeye.  We also talked about the British Library's upcoming comics exhibition.

Episode 41: Breaking news -  All the news happened this week.  DC's solicits including Aquaman and the others, Teen Titans, the return of Wally West, Lex Luthor joins the Justice League and DC's tv shows/films. Marvel news was a  Spider-man weekly, Nightcrawler, Avengers Assembled, Marvel's film and TV news and Quicksilver's crappy movie costume.
Episode 42: Horror special - Special guest P M Buchan joins us to talk horror.  News is the Spidey and Bats/Supes movie, Earth 2 Batman ID is revealed.  This was the most recent one recorded on 3rd Feb.

Have a listen and enjoy!

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