Monday, February 24, 2014

House of M

I've really enjoyed reading the House of M mini.  I read the main event first, and while a little confused as to the start of it, overall I thought it was great fun.  The preludes from Excalibur were shockingly bad.  For example, from Excalibur 11:
I honestly thought the floral wall decoration was part of Magneto's hairdo.  Which would be fine, but it's not.  This art is just dull and lifeless.

In contrast, we have in House of M 4, Emma Frost getting her memories back and becoming completely off the wall furious:
That's a much better piece of art.

 As for the rest of the tie-ins, most were fairly enjoyable, but only the Spider-Man ones, The Pulse 10 and Captain America 10 are worth keeping.

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