Tuesday, February 25, 2014

House of M - Erik's global paradise (or not)

So I'm now reading the House of M tie-ins.  Some are better than others.  The Incredible Hulk ones are (so far) interesting.  In Incredible Hulk 84 we have some bizarre imagery:
That's the Australian government, looking suspiciously like Nazis.  In the House of M reality Erik Lensher is still a holocaust survivor.  I can't imagine him condoning the Australian's government's treatement of homo sapiens.  A view point supported by this entry in Secrets of the House of M:
Maybe I haven't read enough X-men but in my head Magneto is fighting for a fair deal for mutants, if homo sapiens are killed in this fight, fair enough, but he wouldn't approve of treating non-mutants like the Nazis treated their victims.

In this reality everyone is meant to have their heart's desire.  I don't buy that Magneto wants to enforce this level of suffering on humanity.


Korvar The Fox said...

At the risk of stirring up a political hornet's nest, you could consider the Israeli treatment of Palestinians as a parallel.

Saranga said...

That's actually a very good point. And probably something obvious I should have thought of.