Saturday, July 20, 2013

Really out of date comic reviews

Here we go..  All these comics are at least 2 weeks old so yeah, spoiler alert, but I bet the content won't be news to many people.  Comics covered are:
Princeless Get Over Yourself Issue 4 and Tales of the Family Ashe, Justice League 22, Fearless Defenders 6, Demon Knights 22, Clockwork Watch: Breakaway, Batman/Superman 1, X-Men 2, Uncanny X-Men 7, Larfleeze 1, Hawkeye 11 and 12.

Thoughts will be short as I've got such a lot to cover.

Hawkeye 11 and 12
11 was told from the perspective of the dog.  It was rather cleverly done.  Lots of unintelligible words and symbols to convey dog thoughts and dog understanding. When I read it I had an awful virus and couldn't take a lot in, so parts confused me.  But I enjoyed it.  Even if I needed a nap afterwards.

12 is told from the perspective of Clint's (estranged?) brother.  the pages are broken up into a lot of different panels.  There's usually at least 10 on each page.  Colours are nice. Dialogue is nice.  Story is interesting.  Good stuff.

Larfleeze 1
This was great fun.  Like the DCU used to be.  This went straight onto my pull list.  It will be interesting to see how and why there are other Orange Lanterns, as I thought Larfleeze could be the only one.  I mean, the whole orange thing is about greed, so I bet he'll go mental when he meets the others.

Uncanny X-Men 7
I bought this by mistake, I intended to get another X comic, that was recc'd to me, but got confused in the shop.  It's got very pretty art and Cyclops did get knocked on the head by a flying rock, which is always nice to see.  Don't think I'll be buying any more though.

X-Men 2
Also great fun.  It's got Jubilee and Mohawked storm, and Shadowcat, Rogue, Psylocke and a redhead from the Summers family tree.  So apart from Psylocke and the Redhead, all my favourites.  This is great.

Batman/Superman 1
Another good offering from DC.  Like Larfleeze this went straight on my pull list.  The art is fantastic, changing to suit the scenes. It starts off in Gotham, and is all gothic, then moves to Kansas and the colour palette goes summery.  It's beautiful.  Even though it's the new 52 Superman and Batman I really enjoyed it.  I have high, high hopes for this title.

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway
This is the second issue in the Clockwork Watch series (issue 1 reviewed over on New readers...) and it moves the story along nicely.  The art is gorgeous and Janav has matured into quite the attractive young man.  Clockwork servants have become more and more advanced, with many resembling humans (apart from their eyes, which have little cogs for pupils).  Janav has been pushed into a sort of police force where he has to hunt down renegade Clocks.

The lettering and speech bubble lines are lovely.  When Janav is visiting his mother's grave his dialogue is written in the style of an Indian alphabet (I wish I knew exactly what).  When he's writing to his childhood friend in India the speech bubbles lines are rough, like that of old paper.  When the Clocks are speaking a little cog is incorporated into the speech bubble.  When Janav is angry the speech bubble drips with aggression.

The Clockwork Watch team is at SDCC this weekend and I think they are previewing the next issue.  I'm jealous because I want to read it!

You can buy copies of both issues here, in hardcopy and digitally.

Demon Knights 22
Oh blimey. The get the grail. The Horsewoman's injuries (?) are healed and she can walk again.  I'm so sad this series will be finishing soon.

Fearless Defenders 6
I cannot get over Valkyrie's ridiculous boob armour.  People complain about sexualisation in comics. They complain about Peej's boob window.  Have I missed all the complaints about Val's costume?  or is that not a thing?
Great issue, but Annabelle got killed. I'm sad.  But I'm sure she shall be back!

Justice League 22
This is the start of Trinity War and Gods help me I actually enjoyed it.  Superman appears to kill Dr Light.  Except he doesn't.  It's quite clear by other characters exposition that he doesn't.  I have little patience for people who took this as badly as they took Man of Steel.  I've put the Trinity War issues on my pull list.  We'll see how that goes.

Princeless Get Over Yourself Issue 4 and Tales of the Family Ashe
As usual, this is brilliant.  If you aren't getting it, go order it now.  The trades are out.  It's so much better than most Marvel or DC fare.  Go buy.

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