Friday, July 05, 2013

Beef and Bevatron

So I know these guys were all part of Emma Frost's Hellions in the 90s X comics:

But seriously, Beef and Bevatron?!  What's their back story?  Low rent porn?! Ha! I know I could look this up but it's much more fun chatting to folk about it!   How did they get named as such? Who invented them?  Did the creators know how dodgy they sound? Ha!

Of course, now I'm wondering what searches will end up leading to this blog..!!

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Lord Runolfr said...

As I recall, "Beef" was just a standard "brick" -- very strong and tough, no other special attributes.

And I can say from experience that if the word "porn" appears in your article anywhere, it will generate more traffic. If you have a traffic monitor like Sitemeter, you can often see the search strings that got people to your page.