Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gorillas invade Norwich!

My lovely little home city has been invaded by gorillas!  No, not the real flesh and blood ones, but fibreglass ones that stand about 4.5 foot tall, and are each painted with an individual design.  A few years ago we had elephants, now it is 53 gorillas.  The exhibition is called Go Go Gorillas and you can find more info here and follow them on twitter here.

I must admit that I prefer the shape of the elephants, but I am slowly falling in love with the gorillas.  So here are photos of what I think are the best of them.

This is Gordon. He has a bittern on his bum which is a very rare bird, but is found in Norfolk.

This is Lily Gorilly.  A beautiful name and a lovely scene:

Gareth. Styled in the Norwich colours, this is a more subtle way to reference the local football team, known as the Canaries:

Boris. Who doesn't want to see Stephen Fry's lovely smiling face:

Gladstone.  I think this is a football referee thing.  He's very sombre anyway:

 Chromilla, with one of the 60 odd (?) little gorillas also around the city:

 Guy. I love this one.  It's an English country garden design, it's beautiful!
 Apples on her bum!
 Chickens and pears, and a hedgehog!


But this is Ray.  And I think I love her more.  the design is flawless.  The sun, the fiels, the daffs, the clouds, the colours, it's flawless.

Yo'Man.  Who doesn't love a beefeater?  Unless it's the awful Beefeater from DC comics..

Optimus Primate!

Ivan the Iconic Norwich Gorilla.

Juno, a tribute to the Juno beach landings in the Second World War:

Poppyland Hero :

Mack.  I cannot express how much I love this one.  The vibrancy of the oranges and yellows against the black are just amazing.
 Mack's eyes!

Simply gorgeous.

Jungle Jenny. This being an exhibition to raise awareness of the plight of gorillas, it is fitting that one is rainforest themed:

When I find more I'll take more pictures.  There are superhero themed ones too so I look forward to locating those.

They are around till 10th September  so if you can do come visit and see them in person. :)

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