Sunday, April 01, 2012

Super Silly Sunday

There's a lot that is silly in Supergirl 7.
Firstly, the cover, featuring Supergirl and Zatanna in a struggle to win the abominable snowman.  He doesn't look too happy about this.

 Zatanna shows her true feelings, in a rather charming way.  Does anyone say terrific anymore?  Aside from when they are addressing Mr Terrific of course?  Sad days, it's a good word and should be used more often.  Although perhaps not in the way Zatanna is doing it.
 Then Zatanna starts following a magic, floating boot.  Possibly belonging to the terrific fellow above.
 Oh hullo dodgy science!  What silver age story would be complete without you?

 And lastly, super karate.  Ah to make anything personal by putting 'super' in front of it.
This issue is well worth a read, if you can find it.


SallyP said...

Arrrgghh! Yeti just wants to be left alone!

Lord Runolfr said...

Super karate, eh? *facepalm*

I guess it's no worse than super ventriloquism, though.