Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coming out in Comics: Renee Montoya

I recently bought the Gotham Central series from Comixology (don't ask how much it cost, eep), and am pleased to discover it's the series that outs Renee Montoya, then a cop in the GCPD, later The Question.

Gotham Central is about the GCPD, the people working for it and the cases they investigate.  On issue 6, Greg Rucka takes over writing duties for the Half of a Life arc, outs Renee and wins an Eisner award.  A well deserved trophy I reckon.

So, Renee is being sued by a criminal who got off from a rape charge.  She comes into the GCPD HQ one day to find her colleagues crowded around the notice board.
The photograph was taken by the criminal who is suing her and has sent the copies to her workplace and her parents.  Neither of whom she was out to.

The next 4 issues has Renee dealing with her work colleagues, being set up on a murder charge and dealing with her parents, who cut her out of their lives.

I recommend this arc to all fans of Renee Montoya, Gotham City, Batman's supporting characters, and LGBT comics fans (and potential fans) everywhere.  It's seriously good.

I think it's been traded but you can also buy the issues digitally from Comixology.

Many thanks to DAJB of Broken Voice Comics for sending me the scans.

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DAJB said...

Yes, Gotham Central is available in Trade format. There are five volumes. The heart of Montoya's story arc and her "outing" (why does that word make it sound like a trip to the seaside?!) is in Volume 2, although it does continue through the subsequent volumes, too.

Volume 5 is the weakest of the bunch but worth getting, partly so you can have the complete set and mainly because it brings Renee's story to its conclusion.