Monday, March 26, 2012

Things don't turn out quite as expected

I spent this weekend in London starting the second (and final) part of my BSL Level 3. The teaching was very good, the explanations were very good, they gave a lot of constructive criticism and I think by far it's one the best training providers I've enrolled with.  However I now feel like a complete dunce.  Partly because I've been given a lot of areas to improve.  Which is good, because without criticism you don't know you're going wrong and you can't improve.

But, I now have a lot of homework to do before next Saturday, which is the next training weekend, and a lot of things to consider and improve upon.  Apart from pre-scheduled posts, I probably won't be posting much.  Unless I decide to upload videos of myself signing, which won't be very interesting for any of you, because I don't think any of you know BSL.

Ah well, we'll see.

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SallyP said... running around dressed as the Flash for a while, eh?