Monday, December 13, 2010

When Fangirls Attack is back!!

With 17 new posts!! I know what I'll be doing later this week.

Now, apologies for the radio silence.  Life is feeling unbearable busy, I haven't had a night to myself for over a week, I'm tired, stressed, cold (ye gods I've realised that I hate the winter and the ice and the cold and the snow), and busy.  I'm way behind on New readers... stuff, I've barely read anything for pleasure in weeks, I haven't even got this weeks comics yet because I haven't had time to pick them up and it's been months since I steadily read the blogosphere.  Grr and indeed arg.

Mayeb in the New year I will plan things better.

Meanwhile, to prove I'm not dead and that I am reading things go have a look at this stuff:

Firts up, the truly hilarious and entirely not safe for work Vulva original. "It's not a perfume.  It's a feminine erotic intimate scent for your own smelling pleasure".  It's fucking hilarious!  Read the home page, history and faq.  Go on.  I was creased up in hysterics for ages after reading this.  Then go watch the video at
By the way, this definitely not a perfume scent is not suitable for ingesting or inserting into any orifice or opening.

bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

A compelling article arguing for rape to be reclassified as a hate crime.

A post called Ellen Ripley saved my life.  I haven't read it but it sounds interesting.

The F Word wants you to help update their resources.  Send some links in. Go on.

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