Monday, December 27, 2010

The JLA's dream selves

In issue 8 and 9 of Morrison's JLA run we see the JLA captured by yet another bad guy who has infiltrated their minds.  Standard plot, so far, so not interesting.  What is interesting is the way the JLA view themselves in their minds.  Take a gander:

Aquaman's costume from his mini back in the 90s?  White dressed WW fighting Nazi Zombies?  Kyle Rayner being far too influenced by gaming?  Good lord, what would have Bart Allen have dreamt up?

Compare it with this image from JLA 50 when Waid had taken over:
I def prefer Aquaman's look in the latter issue.  Interesting to note that Diana hasn't really changed and that Kyle is still heavily influenced by gaming.


notintheface said...

Yeah, Diana hasn't really changed except for the fact that she's, like, 15 feet tall.

Saranga said...

Good point. I think I read her size on the page as being an example of perspective, not as in her being tall.