Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Following on from the Tower of Babel, Bats and Supes unmask

I just wanted to share a couple of scans with you, from JLA 50, where Batman and Superman unmask.  In the preceding issues the League had been nearly destroyed by Ra's Al Ghul, who had got hold of Batman's secret plans to neutralise (read, seriously fuck up) his colleagues.  As you can imagine there some feelings of mistrust within the League after this.  Batman and Superman decided to try and resolve this feeling by unmasking to the whole league for the first time.  Here is how they decide to do it:

See the severity in the first scan?  Can you feel the anger and awkwardness in the panels?  You don't need to have read the comic to understand the atmosphere within the room.  You can easily imagine the sort of conversation they were having prior to those panels.  Compare that to the second panel where Clark is so full of life and so bashful.  These are really wonderful pieces of comic art.  Credits as follows:
Mark Waid: Writer
Ken Lopez: Letters
Laura Depuy: Colours
Then the Inks and Pencils could be any of these:
Inks: Paul Neary, Kevin Nowlan, Drew Cerraci, Walden Wong
Pencils: Bryan Hitch, Phil Jiminez, Ty Templeton, Doug Magnke, Mark Pajarillo.

All are credited as contributing to this bumper issue.  If someone could clarify who is responsible for the above scans I'd be grateful.


James Ashelford said...

Don't know about the first b ut the Clark scan is definitely Neary and Hitch.

That's one of those scenes where I actually understand why people like Superman.

notintheface said...

All the scans above are Hitch/Neary.