Saturday, June 05, 2010

Who shall wear the rings?

Thinking back on Blackest Night, I reckon the rings went to some of the wrong people (no shit I hear you cry).  So, I'd like to have seen them go to these people:

Orange (Avarice): Lex Luthor.  The canon choice works for me.
Yellow (Fear): Scarecrow.  As for Lex.  The guy peddles in fear, an obvious choice.
Green (Willpower): Hal.  Well why not.  Superman Red Son: Elseworlds convinced me of his willpower even if the GL comics didn't.
Blue (Hope):  Superman.  Because, c'mon.  he's the foremost icon within the DCU.  The symbol of all that is good and all that humanity can strive for.  He keeps our egos in check and makes everyone who meets him feel like they can be a better person and make a difference in the world (unless you're a villain, then you're fucked).
Indigo (Compassion): Wonder Woman.  As was noted in the blogosphere at the time, Diana's emotions and feelings for the world are centred around compassion, not love. Making her the pink lantern was a supremely sexist choice, made worse by that godawful outfit.
Violet/Pink (Love): Wally West.  Because of Linda being his anchor.  Those two are, to me, the most perfect example of love within the DCU.  More so than the Hawks.

Thsi leaves Red (Rage).  Mera didn't really work for me, her transition to Red Lantern felt forced, altho once turned, she made a very good angry vomity hero.  I really don't know who I'd pick.  If this had all occured back when Kara was new returning to the DCU, she'd have been a good choice.  If somewhat ineffective (because I feel that she wasn't trained well enough and would be a loose cannon.  Maybe that would make her very effective, I don't know).

Guy got a red ring then was cured, so I don't want to count him.

Other than that I came up with the Hulk.  Yeha I know, wrong universe.  I'm not too good on DCU villains (other than the rogues who certainly aren't rage filled).

What do you all reckon?  If I get enough answers I'll put up a poll.

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