Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And this is why I like Dinah.

The following is blatantly stolen from DC Women Kicking Ass, who reblogged it from various others.  It's too damn wonderful not to share:

One of my favourite JLA moments from Meltzer’s brief run. Dinah, Roy and Hal up against an army of Red Tornado body clones, with great strength and lots of powers, and extremely dangerous. She picked up one of Roy’s arrow heads, leapt onto one of the Tornadoes and punctured it full of holes from head to toe in an effort to find the weak spot. And she did this faster than Hal’s ring could scan the Tornado body for the weak point. BADASS.
Also, Ed Benes, for once, did not focus on the breasts and ass (well, not as much as he generally does), and the intensity on her face came out perfect.

This is so hot it BLOWS MY MIND. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly be more in love with her than I already am…she kills me dead.
I totally agree. That scene showed why Dinah was chosen to lead the JLA.


I myself haven't read the issue, it's been ages since I've regularly read the JLA, but Dinah Lance is amazing.

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